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Community involvement is essential for retailers

Community involvement is essential for retailers

In order for your store to be successful, you have to smoothly integrate your business into your community. This is especially important for small retailers, as your unique store will be a reflection on your town or city as a whole. Here are some tips to keep in mind to bolster community involvement.

Don’t alienate
Every move your store makes has the potential to affect the community, so you must be sure to be a welcoming presence in your neighborhood. If someone comes into your store asking you to donate products or services for a local cause, it’s best to agree to help out, provided it’s within your budget. Make sure your employees are always giving service with a smile, and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to other business owners in the surrounding area.

Reflect your town’s personality
Each and every town in the U.S. has its own flavor, and you should do your best to reflect that vibe in your store fixtures. If your town is known for its funky attitude, for example, then you should invest in colorful hangers, or consider placing a few decals on your adult and child mannequins.

Monitor your reviews
Most businesses that have been open for a while are listed on Yelp, a service that allows consumers to write candid reviews of their experiences while shopping or dining in their community. Hopefully you’ve received more positive than negative reviews, but either way, you must keep an eye on what people are saying about your business. Reach out directly to “Yelpers” who have left a negative review, offering to right any wrong or provide them with a discount the next time you visit. If you’re keeping an eye on your Yelp page and responding appropriately, you’ll find that soon your negative feedback will fade away.