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Colors keep customers coming back

Colors keep customers coming back

Certain colors have been found to change a person's mood and generally work to help people feel better. A recent study conducted by KISSmetrics, a marketing company, found that different colors also carry different meanings to people. Selecting the right ones for your store has been found to help consumers make purchases and keep them coming back for more.


According to the study, red is the color of energy and works to increase the heart rate. It can also create a sense of urgency, and many consumers associated the color with clearance or sales.


Pink is often seen as romantic and feminine, and stores should use this hue to market products geared toward gender, such as jewelry or other accessories. You can update your display tables by purchasing pink wholesale ribbon and using the product to showcase rings and bracelets. This will also add a pop of color to your accessories table.


This hue is a must have in retail as it is the easiest color for the eyes to process and can help consumers feel more relaxed. It may be nice to place a few green bamboo plants on your tables to help shoppers feel more at ease while shopping.


This dark color represents sleek and powerful feelings. It's best to use this shade to market high end or luxury items such as pricey jewels or sunglasses. Purchase black square risers to show off your fine jewels in a more unique fashion.