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Colorful springtime displays

Colorful springtime displays

Before you know it, all the snow will melt and the sun will shine a bit warmer and brighter. Spring brings forth a rejuvenating breath of fresh air that makes people want to go outside after being trapped indoors for months. All the animals are roaming about and all the plants are blooming. The world will be taking on many shades of color and so should your business’ store displays.

It’s time to begin the shift from winter to spring before the traffic in your store gets ahead of you. The No. 1 thing to remember about this season is color: Everyone wants bright colors to surround them, even more so than what Mother Nature can provide. Luckily you’re there to help out.

To decorate your display tables, assemble a sense of the budding wilderness. Keep the colors vivid with fake or real flowers scattered around your shop, roll out some mats of grass that will make people want to take their shoes off or decorate your windows with scenes of growing trees and other critters. Occasionally spray scents of trees or flowers around the store to add one more layer of nature on top of your shopper’s senses.

If you have mannequins, sit them down in lawn chairs or by a bird bath. Dress them up in what your springtime wardrobe has to offer or order mannequins of whatever color complements your outfits best from the C3 Custom Collection to make them appear to be changing with the season, too.

Even if you’re just looking for a small way to show that your store isn’t getting left behind in the cold, change up your store’s packaging for a few months. Hand out your product in new wholesale shopping bags decorated with birds, wrap up your gift boxes in paper covered with leaves and flowers, or simply use a bow or wholesale ribbon bright enough to signal a change to your customers.

Your packaging is the only other thing shoppers take home with them besides their purchases. Use that as a chance to give them what they could remember as a part of your store. Make it a shining example of your business, one dazzling enough to draw attention from anyone else who sees it. As long as it’s distinct and eye-catching, people will notice the effort.