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Color trends for spring

Color trends for spring

The colors of the world are changing with the approach of spring and so should the shades inside your store. Not just your store displays should be changing tones, but your store racks as well. Spring brings life and energy and your customers are going to want to express that. The sun is out and everything is bright, including the trends of this season. Like chameleons, shoppers are going to wish to take one the colors of their surroundings. All the vivid flowers and refreshing trees will mix with the earthy tones of the thawed ground. Once this transformation from winter begins, you know its time to do the same at your business.

The season’s new colors
Every year the spectrum of trends shifts a little. Generally they consist of bright colors to reflect everyone’s cheerful mood from the warm weather. This year, InStyle said some of the popular shades coming in strong are acid yellow, blush, scarlet, silver, lavender and seafoam green.

A blend of soft pastels and neutrals mixed with some bold and flashy colors create a wardrobe that is ideal for any spring activity, whether it be outside or in. The more light colors make for a comfortable assimilation with the environment around outdoors while the bright tints make for a lively time out in the warm nights.

Elle magazine has found a bright orange trend growing this season in not just clothes, but accessories and shoes as well. This burning color signals the countdown to a blazing summer and should have just a hint of presence in your store now that the sun is growing hotter.

These are the types of colors you want to start moving up to the front from your inventory. Customers are ready for this change and you can help them begin.

A new coat of paint
At the same time your stock begins changing, so too should some of the accents in your shop. Whether you add a couple new pieces of furniture that are a different color or just paint the borders along your walls, some small change to show that your store is also shifting with the times is a good sign to your shoppers. Integrate color into your displays’ theme and let it spread your message for you.

If you have some really stellar outfits that you feel deserve something extra, consider a new mannequin that is painted one of this year’s trending spring colors. Use the mannequin to help complement some of your desirable pieces by working together in color coordination. This degree of harmony will create an alluring effect on anyone passing by.

When you harness the power of this spring’s trending colors, you can create a whole new measure of influence on the displays in your store. Adapting to each new year shows your willingness to please your customers. They’ll be able to pick from your selection the fads emerging with the budding nature and on those days where they just want to get out to enjoy the weather, maybe they’ll stop by your store.