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Choosing the right mannequin for your store

Choosing the right mannequin for your store

If you own a clothing boutique, you are probably already aware of how important mannequins are to your sales – after all, everything looks different on a human figure than it does on the hanger! Deciding to use mannequins in your store displays is one thing – choosing which out of all the mannequins for sale is an entirely different challenge. The type of mannequin you choose depends on the style of your merchandise, your consumer and your budget.

Abstract mannequins are typically an unrealistic color and texture, like shiny pink or silver. They have a hint of facial features and generally no hair. As such, they can be good for stores that are trying to attain a modern look and put the focus on the clothes. Plus, choosing a color that matches your store fixtures can be a good way to create a seamless color scheme in your store displays.

At the same time, a more realistic-looking mannequin can help the customer envision what the garment might look like on them. Because these figures look real, they tend to get a second look from passersby in window displays, which means your merchandise also gets another glance.

Headless mannequins, busts or torsos on stands are generally less expensive, but still can be used to showcase your garments and accessories.