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Choose the right display fixtures for the job

Choose the right display fixtures for the job

Even if your store deals exclusively in apparel, you still have a lot of bases to cover in terms of displaying and merchandising. When it comes time to order new store fixtures for your shop, you'll need to think carefully about what items will be needed for each type of apparel you offer customers. Here are some tips:

Shirts, blouses and pants
When it comes to displaying shirts and blouses, you have two options: display tables or hangers on racks. Both can be useful, but you should think about the types of tops you're displaying before making this decision. Casual shirts and sweaters can be folded and stacked on display tables, while more professional blouses and shirts will do better when placed on hangers. The latter option brings even more decisions – what type of hanger works best? It's probably smart to avoid wire hangers unless your clothing is wrinkle-free, as they tend to cause semi-permanent creases in the shoulders. To show a bit of creativity, you can select colorful hangers, while wood hangers add a touch of class.

You can follow the same rule of thumb for pants. Denim and other casual pants can be folded, while slacks and dress pants should be hung. However, if you choose to fold items, keep in mind that it may be difficult for shoppers to get a good look at them without messing up your entire display. To avoid this issue, use adult and child mannequins to showcase your most popular items.

Footwear can be showcased on display tables or gondola shelves, but either way, you need to remember that customers will likely want to try on sneakers and other shoes, which means you'll need ample seating. Ottomans, sofas or chairs are all ideal, and be sure you put out a few sizes of each type of shoe to serve your customer base.

How you choose to display your accessories largely depends on what type of goods you're working with. Headbands and other adornments for the hair can be easily displayed on wall racks with sunglasses, and rings, necklaces and bracelets will look dazzling on a nice jewelry display. Cloth items like socks, scarves and gloves may look best in large bins, though they can also be placed on display tables for easy access.