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Checklist: Get your store ready for Black Friday with these tips

Checklist: Get your store ready for Black Friday with these tips


With Thanksgiving on the horizon, many people are not only excited to kick off the holiday season by sitting around a table with loved ones – they’re also getting ready for Christmas. Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, is considered the official start of Christmas for some. The prediction is that millions will create foot traffic across the country on Black Friday, according to Forbes, so it’s ideal that your boutique is prepared for the opportunity to increase sales this time of year and hit those last-minute goals for the end of the quarter.

Whether you plan on greeting customers late Thanksgiving Day or want to open at normal hours the day after, here are a few ways to get your store ready for Black Friday:

1. Prepare your employees

There’s going to be a major influx of customers coming in and out of your store, so your workers need to be prepared for the madness. Consider holding a staff meeting and training session to guide your employees through a demo of what to expect on Black Friday, and answer any lingering questions they might have to ensure your store has a successful day.

2. Clean up your store

The last thing you want to do is start your Black Friday with a disorganized store. Let’s face it: Your store is likely going to look like things are out of place once the shoppers go through it during the day, so you need to start things off with a clean slate. Consider closing your shop up early the night before Thanksgiving to clean things up with your staff. Remove all boxes and merchandise from the shelves and displays to give the space a sweep to cleanse and reorganize.

3. Create new sidewalk signs

With tons of foot traffic anticipated to hit the streets on Black Friday, you need to be prepared for those who are simply passers-by during this hectic shopping event. The right sidewalk sign can entice those who don’t know about your sales and are looking for the perfect deal to score as they knock out their Christmas shopping.

4. Use social media to encourage customers to stop in

Want to get your customers excited to visit your store on Black Friday? Beyond the traditional method of hanging sale signs in your boutique, get shoppers talking in advance by posting teasers on social media. Something as simple as a post about what to expect on Black Friday can intrigue customers and remind them to put your store on their list of places to visit for their shopping haul.

Remember: This is the most wonderful time of the year. And while Black Friday can be a bit stressful for store owners, employees and shoppers alike, it’s important to remember the true meaning of the holiday season: getting family, friends and the community together to celebrate each other. Keep this in mind as your store fills up this December!