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Charm shoppers with a country theme

Charm shoppers with a country theme

Fall conjures images of apple picking, pumpkin patches and maple syrup, all festive outdoor activities that take place in the countryside. When designing your store displays for autumn, creating a country theme can be a charming way to appeal to customers' imaginations.

Drape jewelry that has earthy tones and styles over vintage bust sets or other display fixtures with a natural theme. Starting with some natural aspects of fall, such as leaves, hay and corn husks, can give you a base on which to add other classic country items, such as quilts or flowered fabrics. These textiles are particularly stunning as backdrops to your store displays.

If you sell clothing, display the garments that evoke the spirit of fall. Think about the traditional activities of fall – perhaps you'd go apple picking and wear jeans and a flannel shirt, or will need Wellies for the typical fall rains. Set up a window display scene of apple picking or another aspect of harvest season. When the customer can relate to the scene in the window they are sure to feel the need to explore your merchandise further.