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Chalkboard signs bring creativity to storefronts

Chalkboard signs bring creativity to storefronts

The summer weather brings an increase in the foot traffic outside your store. To take advantage of this, you should ensure your window and store displays are vibrant enough to draw the attention of everyone walking by. However, message boards provide you with a unique outlet to let shoppers know what’s going on at your store.

These display fixtures allow you to speak directly to your audience. They’re a chance to give your brand a voice, letting the world know where your business stands. Message boards can either be used for to notify passersby of sales and promotions, or they can help you build a relationship with your customers and, in turn, maybe increase their loyalty to your store.

Adding your own touch to messages
Many message board allow you to come up with your own news, but they’re usually limited to the format and context the board presents it in. Luckily, there’s one type of display that can be completely customized depending on solely your imagination. Blackboards not only let you choose what font and color to write in with various pieces of chalk, they give you a clean slate to make your store distinct amongst all the others.

With the chalk you can draw, write or scribble whatever you want. Blackboards are easily changed so you can put up a different message every day to show how dynamic your business can be. People could become more intrigued with what will appear on your blackboard next, which might lead to new customers.

Message boards are normally outside the front doors of a business, which is an aggressive way to get a store’s name out in the public for everyone to see. You’re not waiting for people to look up at your storefront. You’re sticking your brand right in front of shoppers’ faces and letting them know what you have to offer.

The right season for a blackboard
Now that summer is here, blackboards have the most potential to make a difference. Your blackboard can be the canvas for your summer inventory, especially if it is decorated with images of the season. The bright chalk colors will do justice to the shades outside, and you can draw any of the popular activities and trademarks of summer, depending on weather, events or even popular culture.