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Celebrate National Hat Day 2015

Celebrate National Hat Day 2015

If you sell apparel, Jan. 15 is the perfect day to hold a flash sale on hats. That's because it's National Hat Day, a unofficial celebration for all sorts and styles of headgear.

Learn more about this versatile accessory and how you can partake in National Hat Day festivities.

Hat fun facts

  • According to The Hat Museum, the phrase "mad as a hatter" comes from the process of felt making, which included toxic mercury. As a result of working in such close proximity with the toxins, milliners were driven to madness over time.
  • In Fargo, North Dakota, you can't attend a dance function wearing a hat – and definitely don't actually dance while you have one on. explained how it's a criminal offense that could land you in jail.
  • While wearing a top hat for an athletic event seems ludicrous these days, The Hat Museum reported that baseball umpires wore the style during games in the 1850s.
  • Speaking of top hats, did you know that the London Black Cab was designed so that men could sit in the back without removing their caps?
  • During the 1500s, Elisabeth I mandated all men over the age of 7 wear a Monmouth cap on Sundays and holy days. According to Royal Tourism: Excursions Around Monarchy, Monmouth caps are made from wool and fit snuggly around the head. The style originates from Monmouthshire, where King Henry V was from. 

Celebrate at your store
For businesses that want to get involved with National Hat Day, consider these possibilities.

  • As stated above, you can launch a flash sale in honor of the holiday. Display your entire selection of hats on one store fixture so customers can dig through a find the perfect cap.
  • Alternatively, you may want to offer a deal on hats that lasts throughout the month. This will give more attention to National Hat Day, provide you with more opportunities to make sales and time to market the discount.
  • Don't forget to dedicate store displays to the celebration if you choose to partake. There are tons of sayings and catch phrases that mention caps, so get creative with the wording and designs.
  • Use some of the fun facts above to host an online trivia competition via social media. You'll be able to engage your customers in a new setting, build your brand reputation and perhaps reach new patrons.