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Celebrate International Friendship Day with retail promotions

Celebrate International Friendship Day with retail promotions

A life without friends would probably be a bleak existence. You wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with on the weekends, share your good news with or lean on during hard times. Most people would agree that friends are an essential part of life, which is why it’s totally appropriate that there’s a day dedicated to honoring your best pals.

A brief history of Friendship Day
The first Sunday in August is heralded as International Friendship Day in the U.S., though the celebration is held on different days in other countries. The holiday was first introduced in 1958 by the World Friendship Crusade, and it has gained popularity to the point that in 2011, the U.N. instated Friendship Day as an international holiday. The organization explained that friendship is a “noble and valuable sentiment in the lives of human beings around the world,” and that through friendship, people of various backgrounds can put aside their differences and work together to create a better world.

The mission of Friendship Day is inspirational and something that resonates with consumers around the world. As a retail store owner, you can show your support for this holiday by holding friendship-themed promotions during the first week of August. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate this worldwide holiday with flair.

Celebrate friendship in your store
One of the easiest ways to encourage your patrons to reflect on their friendships is to offer incentives for pals that come into your store. Advertise a promotion where friends get a certain percentage off when they come in together. Alternatively, you can circulate buy-one-get-one-free coupons that are only good for best friends. Not only will this encourage your customers to spend time with their favorite friends, it will also help bring new people into your store.

Display your cutest coordinating accessories.

Make sure you place appropriate SKUs font and center in your store when you’re running this promotion. After all, best friends probably won’t want to buy matching shirts, but they will be interested in smaller items like friendship bracelets, necklaces, phone cases or other accessories. Rearrange your jewelry displays so these items are easy for your patrons to find, and don’t forget to add supplementary signage to help draw attention to the merchandise.

Engage friends online
You don’t necessarily have to get best buds into your store to benefit from Friendship Day. The holiday is particularly popular on social media, and you can easily leverage this trend to your advantage.

Pick out a particularly cute photo to share on social media – a few good options might include a pair of unlikely animal friends, an inspirational friendship quote or a famous celebrity dyad. You’ll want a pic that will capture people’s attention and encourage them to share it with their followers.

“Find a sharable image for social media.”

Once you’ve secured the perfect image, write up a short and sweet caption that encourages your fans to tag their friends in celebration of International Friendship Day. You can sweeten the deal by offering a special prize to one lucky follower who tags a pal. By encouraging this type of social media sharing, you’ll be building brand awareness in your community while also celebrating a fun holiday.

The Marketing Resource blog noted that promoting this type of holiday helps to create a positive impression on your followers, as it positions your store as a caring establishment. Small steps like this can go a long way toward increasing your patronage and marketing engagement.