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Catering to men’s spring fashion

Catering to men’s spring fashion

Spring has officially sprung, and even though men may not be known to keep up with the latest in fashion, it’s still important to cater to them.

For the sportsman
You need to stay up on top of men’s fashion no matter what the season, but spring is a great time to really show off your wares. When the temperatures finally heat up, many guys are eager to get out on the golf course.

Stock up on golf attire such as polos, khakis and golf shoes. You can set up your window displays using golf-related decor like a putting green and purchase some mannequins for sale to set up like golfers. Try to use fun golf puns, such as “Our Style is on Par.”

Be sure to carry fun accessories such as socks or putting tees, as these can make for great add-ons for the golf lover. Although men may not pay much attention to fashion, catering to this demographic can be great for sales.

For the fashionable male
Not all guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. Show you’re ahead of the curve style-wise by putting some of your most vibrant patterns front and center. Think gingham, nautical stripes and brights, as these were seen on all the major men’s fashion runways for spring.

It’s not just for shirts, either. Summer shorts in bright colors and patterns have become more popular in recent years. Try to play up these styles by pairing them with neutral accessories when displaying them on mannequins in the front of the store.

Most everyone is ready to put away winter boots and get into some lightweight kicks for spring. It’s a great idea to set up display tables at the front of your store showcasing some of your best men’s shoes. Whether sandals, boat shoes or even dress shoes, there’s something for every man when it comes to footwear.

Be sure to show off your stylish footwear by dressing up your tables with green cloths, to give the illusion of walking on the bright green grass once spring finally arrives.

In the meantime, consider putting some of your winter shoes on sale in a visible area. There are still some areas that are experiencing winter weather, so guys may need some last-minute footwear to deal with the chilly temperatures.