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“Falling” into Autumn & Winter—Seasonal & Sustainable kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions for Your Home or Retail Space

Exclusive from kathy ireland® Worldwide With the days getting shorter, sounds of fallen leaves rustle in the wind, and the colorful hues envelop our attention to the bountiful, captivating foliage before the sun sets, bringing with it a brisk chill that officially signifies the seasonal transition into the beautiful world of cozy autumn. With thoughts of sipping warm apple cider fireside, warming your hands on a mug of hot cocoa, smiling foliage and cornucopia decor adorning your entrance, read more

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Eco-Friendly Design and Sustainable Success

All of us, from Boomers to Millennials, know that ideas and terms such as “going green” and “eco-friendly living” have been growing in the public consciousness for decades. This has only continued to increase with the recent surge in health and wellness trends, both personal and environmental, encouraging everything from raw and vegan diets to recycling. These concepts, lifestyle choices, and cultural values manifest themselves in so many ways, and permeate every facet of our modern lives. read more

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Why Being “Eco-Friendly” is Important for Your Business By kathy ireland

Being eco-friendly is more than recycling and buying a fuel-efficient car. It is living every aspect of our lives intentionally, with our home, Earth, in mind. Preventing damage to our environment by living with a minimal ecological footprint is easier than ever before. Many businesses and manufacturers, like Firefly Store Solutions, have committed to a green, eco-friendly future. It is important for each business, from international to independent, to actively participate in preserving the delicate read more

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