Your Holiday Retail Checklist: Getting Ready For The Holiday Shopping Rush (An Infographic)

What do retailers want for the Holidays? More shoppers, of course. While the retail landscape is constantly changing, one thing is for sure. The holiday season can make or break store’s sales year. Firefly Store Solutions wants all its customers, partners and friends to have a profitable holiday season and to that end, we’ve created a graphic reminder for independent retailers – Your Holiday Retail Checklist: 5 Tips For Getting Your Store Ready For The Holiday Shopping Rush. Share read more

DIY on Display – A Blogger Link Up! April Showers

Have you seen our May Blogger Link Up? We're hosting a Blogger Link Up! Welcome to Robert H. Ham's first ever Blogger Link Up! Here's how it works: 1. Link up one blog post DIY related. (No Etsy Stores or other Link Ups please!) 2. Link to your specific post - not your main blog URL. 3. Check out our April Showers Display tutorial. 4. Link up your blog below! 5. Link back to our Blog in your post, please! Cut out raindrop shapes from blue poster board. Make as many different read more

5 signs that your store needs a total makeover

Even the most time-honored companies have had to give themselves makeovers to stay relevant in ever-changing consumer markets.  read more

Tips for retailers opening a new store

Whether you're jumping into the retail world for the first time or preparing to unveil the latest location of your franchise, opening up a new store is a challenge.  read more

Pull out all the stops for the Valentine’s Day home stretch

We're only days away from Valentine's Day.This is the time when many shops will be flooded with men and women searching for the perfect gift for their sweetheart, so merchants and store employees need to be on their game to maximize sales. read more

Team up with other retailers for bridal, prom season

Over the next few weeks, many retailers will be focusing on glitzy prom events. read more

How to best display prom dresses and accessories

With prom only a few months away, it's time for retailers to begin planning out how they will display their dazzling dresses and accessories. read more

A fun DIY project with pegboard and soup cans

Step 1. Choose a few pieces of decorative paper, and cut into strips measuring 4-1/4". Step 2. Clean and peel off labels of recycled cans. Step 3. Wrap the paper around each can and glue ends together. Set cans aside. Step 4. Choose any color paint you would like for your pegboard. Paint the pegboard pieces with a brush or roller and let dry. Step 5. Hang the pegboard on your wall. Be sure to leave at least a 1/4" space between the board and wall. This will make it easier to attach accessories. Step read more

A great DIY backdrop for your next display project

Add a fun twist to your display project with this DIY paper rosette backdrop.         Step 1. Take your coordinating paper, and fold it accordion style. Make sure you do it length-wise (don't worry if it's not perfect).       Step 2. Fold the paper in half. Put some hot glue along the inside fold, and press the two sides together. You can also us double-sided tape instead of glue.       Your paper read more