Firefly Store Solutions’ Groundbreaking Custom Color Collection Gives Independent Retailers a “Leg Up” on Larger Competitors

Greensboro, NC – For years, brand identity was a luxury enjoyed by only large retailers. Firefly Store Solutions, the retail industry’s leading provider of store fixtures and display items, is excited to announce the new Custom Color Collection (C3), a program created to provide independent retailers with the same access to custom color mannequins and store fixtures as their big chain competitors. The C3 program is unique in that there is no minimum order, making it possible for even small read more

Firefly Store Solutions Animated Logo

There are some exciting new changes here at Firefly Store Solutions, our recent name change being just the beginning. While our staff and commitment to excellence remain the same as always, we’ll be rolling out some exciting new products in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’d like to celebrate our recent name change with the fun and share-able animated graphic shown below. Post this Free Graphic on Your Site! Please feel free to share the animated graphic with your readers read more

Name Change to Firefly Store Solutions Reflects Company’s Modern, Innovative Approach

Greensboro, NC – Robert H. Ham, the retail industry’s leading provider of store fixtures and display items, announced today that the company has changed its name and brand to Firefly Store Solutions. For over 60 years Robert H. Ham and now Firefly Store Solutions has been a one stop source for retail fixtures, displays and merchandise items, working with retailers nationwide to enhance the shopping experience and boost store profitability. While Firefly Store Solutions has adopted a new corporate read more

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