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Calming scents to soothe your customers

Calming scents to soothe your customers

When customers enter your store, they can see your display fixtures, touch the merchandise you offer and hear the music you have chosen to make the experience more enjoyable for shoppers. However, you can use scented oil to reach clients on a whole new level.

Essential oils are distinguished from general fragrant oil because they are drawn directly from the plants. According to the University of Maryland Cancer Center, oil is extracted in several ways including distillation, mechanical pressing and steam.

Entrepreneur identified three popular and common scents that can have calming properties – lemon, lavender and jasmine. The source stated that lemon essential oils can also bolster the immune system, lavender is known to soothe headaches and jasmine is considered a supplement for depression treatment. There is a relatively extensive list of essential oils that can have a calming effect, from the aforementioned varieties to other scents including citrus and herbs.

To engage your customers by an another one of their senses, check out scent cubes and various fragrant oils.

The University of Maryland Medical Center reported that the plant’s name comes from the Latin root for wash, lavare. The authors suggested that this may be the case because the scent was used in a spiritual setting to purify bodies and spirits. Lavender essential oil is created using the plant’s fresh flowers, which now grow across Europe, Australia and the U.S., though the plant is originally from the Mediterranean.

Lavender is notorious for bringing feelings of relaxation and calmness, made evident by its heavy usage in soap, lotion and massage therapy. Psychology Today discussed a study that focused on the effectiveness of lavender aromatherapy. Research involved groups of people smelling different scents while their physical reactions were closely observed. According to the publication, participants who were assigned the lavender fragrance reported better moods after the sniff test.

Another study published by the National Institutes of Health recorded the effects of inhaling lavender essential oil. Results showed that some participants had decreased skin temperature, heart rate and blood pressure after smelling the oil.

Although this summer is coming to an end, Summer Fireflies oil is a great option for your store’s scent. In addition to lavender, the blend includes mint, warm cedar, musk, basil and a hint of licorice. Order a Scent Oil Sample Strip to try it out.

Though Entrepreneur specifically mentioned lemon citrus essential oil as a soothing option, citrus smells in general have been known to have calming properties. The Summer Cocktail oil contains grapefruit oil, as well as a hint of warm vanilla. reported that citrus oils are made with the rind of the fruits. Grapefruit has a medium to strong initial scent while lemon-scented oil is a bit stronger at first. Other citrus oils that the source called calming were mandarin, bergamot and sweet orange. All of these have medium-strength sweet and fruity or floral scents. discussed a study that demonstrated orange essential oil’s ability to quell anxiety. Additionally, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin showed stress-reduction properties.

Clary sage
Pure clary sage essential oil uses both the leaves and flowers of the plant. Clary sage has green leaves adorned with purple flowers. According to, the initial strength of the scent is medium to strong. The source described the smell with words such as bright, earthy and fruity. Clary sage essential oil has been linked to stress relief as well.

For a scent that contains notes of clary sage essential oil, try out the Vintage Luxury variety. In addition to the clary sage, the oil contains smells such as lemon and tree oil.