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Calm between the storms: cleaning up after Black Friday and prepping for Christmas

Calm between the storms: cleaning up after Black Friday and prepping for Christmas

As the rush of Black Friday quiets down, you may find yourself facing a bit of a calamity in terms of store fixtures, organization and cleanliness. With holiday sales continuing for another few weeks, though, this is no time to relax. Although the crowds in the coming weeks may not top those experienced during the big post-Thanksgiving shopping holiday, there are still many more people to come before the new year brings a moment of peace and well-deserved rest.

Taking inventory
Immediately after Black Friday sales is the perfect time to take inventory of any store supplies, as well as merchandise, that may require some cleaning or repairs. For fabric-covered furnishings, be sure to have a steam cleaner or liquid cleanser on hand. Wipe up any marks on walls and surfaces, and be sure that any major marring is taken care of with a fresh coat of paint.

Another crucial aspect of seasonal sales is pricing. In the rush of the weekend shopping, tags may have been torn, and hangers misplaced. Do a review of the store to ensure that items are properly labeled and organized. Is all merchandise in the correct section of the shop? Are your display fixtures intact and functioning properly? Repair or replace damaged goods and take care to double-check your pricing strategy so you know it’s still effective.

Organizing for efficiency
The focus of Black Friday may have been massive discounts aided by high-efficiency display pieces like dump bins, but the regular holiday season is a time to highlight a few special items and major sales. Instead of putting discounts front and center, consider advertising popular merchandise somewhere it can really be noticed. Swap out high-volume containers for more decorative pieces that emphasize fewer items, such as table sets and display cases. Acrylic cubes are a classic and versatile option for showcasing fewer pieces, and can be easily customized or illuminated with strand lighting.

Because it’s the holidays, get a little festive. Incorporate decorative touches like present props into displays, and take advantage of seasonal wrapping paper and wholesale ribbon to give showcases that finished appearance. Dress up mannequins in rich hues like maroon and forest green, and you’ll be all set to catch customers’ attention as they get set for this final stretch of holiday shopping.