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Bringing family centerstage for your holiday display

Bringing family centerstage for your holiday display

The winter holiday season is all about being close and showing appreciation for the one you love most. So many of the gifts we give this time of year are purchased with a relative in mind, which is why it behooves retailers to play up a family motif when creating their winter display tables and window scenes. Here are some tips on how you can best make this theme work for you.

In the window display
The best way to create a sense of family is to use both adult and child mannequins in your window display. Once you’ve dressed them in appropriate winter gear, create a holiday scene for them. You may want to put them in winter jackets, scarves and hats with a snowy backdrop, to emulate a fun winter hike, perhaps in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Or you may want to create an image of a family crowded around a crackling fire (made with tissue paper and wholesale ribbon, of course). Either way, using different types of mannequins will instantly help your shoppers and passersby think of their own loved ones.

Organize merchandise by family
Want a creative way to display your merchandise specifically for families? Consider creating different categories for each member of a traditional family clan. For instance, you can have a few jewelry displays and gondola shelving holding popular items for Mom, while another section of the store has display tables and cases with items that are likely to be a hit with Dad. You can take this idea several steps further by creating sections for brothers, sisters, grandparents, or even more zany categories, like “Gifts for that aunt you haven’t seen in 10 years.”