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Bring in the boomers with your store displays

Bring in the boomers with your store displays

Most people know that baby boomers are one of the largest generations. As this group, made up of people born between 1946 and 1964, reaches retirement age, it may become one of the biggest targets for marketers and stores.

For the most part, appealing to baby boomers is as easy as keeping your shop organized and clean and your staff knowledgeable and friendly. But your visual merchandising may also play a large role.

Shopping is a visual experience, so your objectives should be to make sure your boomer clientele can easily see your merchandise and read any pertinent information about it. Good lighting is crucial for older shoppers. Your boomer consumers may be starting to see color differently, since the older eye tends to see more yellow. Make sure your lights don't have too high a temperature, since this can increase the yellow light in your store and make items look less attractive to the boomer eye.

The size of the typefaces and fonts on your store racks and signs may also need to be adjusted for boomer clientele. No one wants to have to pull out their reading glasses to see a price – they are probably more likely simply to not buy that item. They also may be more likely to pass up a purchase than admit they cannot read the small print and ask for help. Always use large, easy-to-read lettering on your signage and you'll likely find yourself tapping into the coveted boomer market.