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Bring emotion to your Mother’s Day store displays

Bring emotion to your Mother’s Day store displays

Mother's Day is a great time to celebrate the women in life who have helped shape the younger generations of today. Store employees are typically running around during this time to try and set up the best displays to help children and spouses find the best gift possible for the special women in their lives.

A great way to help your store stand out from the rest is to create a scene using black and white photos of mothers and their children. Make the scene pop even more by hanging the photos using wholesale ribbon in vibrant spring colors like pink, orange and yellow. Attach the photos with clothespins and layer the ribbon in the display to create warmth.

The black and white photos help to create a perfect backdrop for displaying your store's gifts. Set up display tables with items like bold pieces of jewelry such as a locket, festive scarves or other trinkets that a mother would love to receive on her special day.

This scene and the gifts displayed are sure to bring up fond memories of shoppers own mother's, prompting them to head into your store to find a gift that perfectly represents how they feel about their moms.