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Brighten up window displays with fun summer colors

Brighten up window displays with fun summer colors

This summer is all about colors. Whether it is light or dark, bold or subdued, or warm or cool, this season is set to be one of the most colorful in recent memory. Many of the top tones can be effortlessly used in a summer window display, which is great for attracting customers to a store and highlighting prime summer styles. By adding a few colorful touches to your display, you can make sure all eyes are on your storefront while also drawing in some of the most fashion-forward shoppers.

Bright yellow
Does anything scream summer more than the color yellow? Donning this bright shade will have customers looking and feeling like a ray of sunshine, and by incorporating it into store displays, you can make your shoppers happy. Some customers may be hesitant about wholeheartedly embracing the hue, so it may be a wise decision to start small – think belts, bags, jewelry and other accessories that can complement an outfit without overpowering it.

It may seem like coral is one of the hot summer colors each and every time the season rolls around, but that’s for a good reason. The shade can be used in almost any situation, whether an individual is trying to dress up an otherwise drab outfit or add a splash of color to an ensemble. Customers are frequently drawn to the hue because it works well with so many other tones, so be sure to include accessories or pieces that can be used in a variety of ways into displays.

Lime green
There is a very fine line between neon green and lime green, but when you tread the border carefully you can take advantage of the bright color in a store display. The hue is very similar to emerald, which is widely regarded as one of the hot colors of the year, and your shoppers may want to rock the shade to add some trendy vibrancy to their outfits.

Lime green can be a fun color for little kids, so consider purchasing a child mannequin and dressing it up in the bright shade for a youthful outfit. If you’re targeting adults, consider using the same strategy as with bright yellow and just adding a few accents to displays. Even a few touches of lime green on display tables or in windows can draw attention to the store while also showing off your summer selection.

With turquoise, you can truly have the best of both worlds. The color is vibrant enough to blend seamlessly with bright yellow or lime green, but it can also be paired with neutral tones for a classy look. Ideal for work or dressier events, the tone is also one that rarely goes out of style. After you purchase mannequins for sale, you can include turquoise pieces in your window display to attract trendy customers and lovers of traditional summer fashion.

Many signature summer colors are bright and bold, but navy is a more classic hue that never goes out of style. While the shade can be expertly integrated into a window display at any time of year, pairing it with red and white accents, striped patterns and gold accessories is the perfect way to embrace a nautical theme that will have shoppers daydreaming about hours spent on the water.

Mixing navy and white together offers a crisp, clean look that can be perfect for everything from family reunions to time in the office. You can dress mannequins in outfits that incorporate navy and white for a preppy, nautical vibe that almost all shoppers will appreciate.