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Breaking out the swimwear for summer

Breaking out the swimwear for summer

As the temperatures climb higher, people everywhere will be hitting the beaches for summer. Anywhere with sand and water will be subject to all the warm-weather antics that occur every year, but things will look slightly different. Many people celebrate the new season or their hard work throughout the year at the gym with a new bathing suit.

You need to ensure your store displays are ready to show off your selection before people start descending to the shores. Shoppers will be looking for the swimwear that they’ll flaunt all summer, so this is an excellent opportunity to expose your brand and products to the larger public. By showcasing your inventory the correct way, your store can make the biggest splash at the beaches this summer.

Don’t wait for 90 degrees
While it may be a bit too cool in some areas for people to start hitting the water to test out their bathing suits, the models in your shop have no qualms about donning your swimwear, no matter what the temperature. One of the best ways to show customers your swimwear is with mannequins.

It’s sometimes difficult to get a good picture of what bathing suits would look like while they’re hanging from store racks, but on a model it’s easier for shoppers to imagine it. With mannequins in all shapes and sizes, your shop can display a wide variety of ages and body types, from children to plus-size models. These mannequins can be the pinnacle of your window displays, standing for all to see in a scene straight from the beach. Your exhibits can harness the energy and excitement many are feeling about finally getting that perfect combination of a day off and good weather.

The start of a new beach season is an exciting time for many people. Give shoppers everything they need to prepare for it, whether it’s a new bathing suit or summer hats and sunglasses. Summer isn’t just a great opportunity for your swimwear and warm-weather clothing, it’s great for the accessories that can really bring together an outfit or make people more comfortable.

A splash of color
If you want to make your displays a bit more lively to coincide with the summer mood, adding some bright colors to your mannequins is an easy and effective way to do so. With the C3 Custom Color collection, you can purchase mannequins in a wide variety of colors. Use these customized models to add another layer of depth to the products they’re promoting by pairing mannequins with a bathing suit that will be complemented by its color.

These mannequins don’t have to be just for summer either. With a careful color selection, you can use these mannequins for various other events, promotions and seasons all year long.

Displaying whatever you can
Every shopper is different and so are their tastes. To appeal to as many people as possible, your store has to showcase as much variety as it can with its products. No one likes showing up to the beach and seeing someone else in the same swimwear. You can line your display tables with as many options as will fit while picking the best of the best for your mannequins.

However, jersey forms are another viable option for giving customers an idea of what your bathing suits would look like on a human body. They’re more manageable and space efficient, making them ideal to get more products displayed dynamically on the sales floor.