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Boot displays to try as winter approaches

Boot displays to try as winter approaches

At this stage of autumn, most people have packed their sandals and shorts away for the winter. Although it’s nice to let your toes hang out for the few warm months of summer, cooler weather ushers in wonderful footwear fashion – boots of all shapes and sizes.

As your customers come in looking for their newest pair of shoes, make sure your boot displays are on point and enticing.

Boot styles to highlight

  • Height: There isn’t any particular height of boot that’s dominating the footwear scene this season. The two biggest styles are over-the-knee and ankle boots, which work well for different types of outfits. Over-the-knee boots are popular because they keep the wearer’s legs extra-warm, yet often can be folded for more versatility. Heeled boots are great for formal occasions while flatter soles like those on riding boots work well with casual wear. Between boots that can be pulled on, zipped or laced, even the most basic classifications of styles have the potential for variation. Don’t forget about additional ornaments like studs for a punk rock look.
  • Material: The most popular fabrics used for boots are leather and suede, which can pose a problem with wet winter weather. If you stock boots in these materials, consider selling spray to waterproof them. Many people opt for cheaper imitation leather and suede when they shop for boots, especially in areas where it snows all season long. It makes sense to carry shoes that are meant for inclement weather in waterproof or water-resistant materials. Be sure to mark which merchandise is best for outdoor wear, so shoppers can easily find the boots they’re looking for.
  • Color: Neutral tones are most popular for boots, especially because people tend to wear them almost every day for several months. Black, brown and tan are among the top choices, but don’t forget about brighter shades that customers who love to make a statement will seek out.

Displays to show off your selection
Depending on your current boot inventory, you can arrange the displays with a focus on form or function. If you have a bevy of styles and sizes available, it makes sense to involve a folding shoe rack in the footwear section. However, some of the shoes may be too tall for this fixture, so it’s easiest to dedicate it to the ankle boots you have in stock. Stick with tables or stands for over-the-knee boots, which you can keep looking sharp with boot trees, shapers or weights. With a bit of stability, the boot display will look even better as customers browse the aisles.

When you focus on store displays that feature boots, consider using a vintage shoe stand. This adds an extra bit of flair to the already fabulous shoe selection you offer. Dress the area up further with fake foliage and decorations that remind shoppers of the changing seasons. You can even incorporate decorative accessories that hint more toward the upcoming winter than the waning fall.