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Boost footwear sales with snazzy shoe displays

Boost footwear sales with snazzy shoe displays

Even if you haven’t sold as many shoes as anticipated this year, it’s not the time to accept defeat. It’s almost the end of the year, but you can still make a profit on your selection of footwear with updated store displays.

To make those last shoe sales before the new year, use creative visual merchandising and seasonal retail design.

Window to your sole
When it comes to window display design, it’s important to remember that less is often more. You want the arrangement to catch the eyes of passersby without overwhelming them.

For window displays, think about constructing one main focus piece. Because the holidays are swiftly approaching, you may want to hang footwear on an artificial Christmas tree like ornaments. This is an excellent way to showcase shoes for kids or lightweight styles. If you want your display to reference New Year’s Eve instead, consider this design using 12 shoes: The idea is to create a large clock that’s counting down to the new year. Hang the shoes in a circle so there’s one where each number on a clock would be, then use cardboard or paper to construct the clock’s hands.

As a final note, be sure your street-facing windows are always squeaky clean. It would be a shame for smudges or dust to distract from an otherwise perfect display.

Get in step with display design
The displays inside your store should fit different criteria, particularly because this is where you’ll make the sale. Your hottest selling footwear should be arranged on Gray Boutique Shoe Stands toward the back of the store. This detail will encourage shoppers to walk through the entire store to access the product they’re looking for. However, you should place some of these near the door so people walking by can be enticed to enter.

It’s important to use lighting to your advantage when you set up new store displays. Styles that stand isolated on shoe stands can be highlighted with a spotlight. Alternatively, weave clear rope lighting around the fixtures to add a whimsical and jolly effect.

When you set up display tables dedicated to shoes, you may want to include related products nearby. These can be extra laces, polish, waterproofing spray or socks. If you sell apparel as well, consider hanging outfits that coordinate with each style in the same section of the store.