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Best ways to engage your social shoppers

Best ways to engage your social shoppers

There's no question that social media is popular and engaging a wide range of people, but understanding how it can be used in a commercial sense can be tricky for retailers and store designers to understand. According to, there are several ways retailers can use this technological form of advertising and merchandising to their greatest advantage.

One way retailers and designers can use social media effectively is by creating an online presence that is coordinated with the real-life theme, tone and style of the store. This means whoever designs your windows and display tables should play a role in the creation of a social media presence. A Twitter background should match the store's style, for instance, and the images on Facebook should be appropriate to the store's theme.

Another important factor about social media is how it is tied into your store displays. As effective as it may be to have the Twitter and Facebook symbols on your store windows, doors and signage, you may want to try to incorporate these social media logos more seamlessly into your merchandising.