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Best ways to display flip-flops

Best ways to display flip-flops

Flip-flops are one of the most popular items sold at fashion boutiques and convenience stores alike during the summer, and the way you display this item can help you stand out from the other retailers.

During the summer, it's a good idea to have flip-flops and other sandals in your store's front window display, if you have one. While regular display fixtures like shoe stands and even mannequin-like sandal forms that look like a real foot are great ways to put other sandals on display, flip-flops give you a chance to get creative.

Why not create a beach-themed display and have flip-flops tucked away into beach tote bags or wicker baskets? If you have a number of flip-flops in various colors and patterns, organize them into separate containers for easy shopping.

Because flip-flops are one of the most popular summer footwear items, try creating an entire display around this shoe. Hang different colored thongs across your front window display at random intervals, or make a bold, colorful pattern like chevron using different colored flip-flops.