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Best ways to display back-to-school merchandise

Best ways to display back-to-school merchandise

Back-to-school is in full swing, which means students across the country are scrambling to gather together the appropriate supplies and wardrobe essentials. According to the National Retail Federation, total spending for K-12 and college is expected to reach $68 billion as students gear up for the coming school year. To get a share of that revenue spike, it’s important to ensure that your displays are attracting these shoppers as they prepare for the new school year.

If you plan to make a profit off of excited back-to-school shoppers, setting up bright window displays, strategically-placed tables and other school-themed merchandise arrangements will entice your audience, encouraging sales.

Window displays
When it comes to shopping for the new school year, most kids have many choices for where to make their purchases. Be sure that you attract their attention from the get go with a colorful window display that encourages them to check out the merchandise that’s waiting inside your store.

Small Business British Columbia reported that bold shapes and colors are critical for catching the attention of potential customers from a distance. If you want to display smaller products, highlight them using larger boards that will catch the eyes of people passing your store. But make sure that you don’t clutter the display. Clean space isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as your window set up pops.

Not sure if you’ve created a set up that’s appealing to the eye? Ask your employees to walk through the store and give feedback on your visual merchandising strategy. It’s always helpful to another pair or two of eyes look over your work when you’re finished.

Visual merchandising
Selling your merchandise is largely about making it visually appealing to your potential clients. Entrepreneur magazine recommended creating an eye-catching display in the front of your store to create an arresting first impression when customers walk in the door. This will cause people to slow down when they come inside instead of hurrying through the store and buying little, if anything.

However, make sure that it doesn’t block the view of the rest of the room. If that happens and customers don’t like what they see initially, they may not continue browsing.

Clothing racks are great tools for visual merchandising.

Coordinated groupings
On the way back to school, there are few things as important to young people as finding the perfect outfit for the first day. Any help that you can give them increases your chances of landing a sale. A strategic way to do that is to display clothing near other coordinating pieces. A shopper looking for a new jacket, for example, might love the matching shirt that you hung nearby and buy both, increasing your sales.

“Maximize your display options using Firefly’s new 6-way rack.”

An easy way to maximize the number of options that you can display together is by using Firefly’s new 6-way rack. Like all of Firefly’s high-quality display racks, this new option offers performance that you can depend on. With six arms, this rack allows you to display a maximum number of merchandise options in the same place. For example, choose one row of pants, two rows of jackets and then four tops that coordinate with the items to give your customers ideas for the perfect back-to-school outfit.

Display tables
Tables give you the opportunity to display some merchandise that won’t hang as easily as clothing on a rack. For example, during back-to-school shopping, you can use a mannequin bust to display a chic sweater and surround the bust with shoe options or school accessories. Even if you sell primarily clothes, during the fall you might consider adding a few trendy backpacks or notebooks to your stock to entice back-to-school shoppers.

Display tables are also a great way to break up aisles in your store. According to Entrepreneur, long, uninterrupted rows don’t get people’s attention. Make the floor visually interesting by breaking up racks with display tables will keep your customers engaged. The longer you hold their attention, the more likely it is that they’ll find something that they want to purchase, increasing your sales.