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Beat the heat with cool store displays

Beat the heat with cool store displays

Soaring temperatures can make summer uncomfortable for many, but luckily, there are a few ways people love to beat the heat. Whether they flock to the beach in search of some refreshing ocean waves or head inside to escape the hot sun, these individuals are constantly in search of places where they can forget the weather and simply enjoy themselves.

If you play your cards right, you can make your store into one of these destinations. A big part of this will come from window and store displays, as well as how you outfit dress forms.

Cool colors
Bright colors may be symbolically summer, but it’s the cool tones that convey a calming sense of relaxation. Light blues are a popular option, as the hues can remind people of everything from clear spring skies to refreshing ocean waters. Green shades are also a solid choice for summer displays, as the color is a hot hue for 2013 and isn’t too overpowering.

Dream of the beach
When the weather becomes sweltering, many people are left daydreaming about the beach. Others are eagerly anticipating their own coastal vacations, but either way, they have the shore on their mind. You can capitalize on this by creating displays that prominently feature the beach and clothes that your customers may wear during their jaunts.

You can purchase mannequins for sale and prepare to dress them in outfits that are fit for the shore. Bathing suits and cover ups are popular ensembles, but even adding accessories like sarongs, straw hats or flowy materials to a display is a great way to get shoppers in the beach mindset. By incorporating beach wear and light fabrics into a design, along with a few key details like sand pails and shells, you can get customers excited about their trip to the water and maybe even convince them to make some purchases.

If all else fails, offer air conditioning
Many people decide to go shopping as a way to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Whether you’re in a mall, high-traffic area or remote locale, you should be sure your store is kept at a comfortable temperature that will be welcoming for all guests. While you certainly don’t want your store to be too warm, having a frigid atmosphere is just as dangerous, so fiddle around with a thermostat until you find a happy medium.