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Beach-themed window displays

Beach-themed window displays

It’s good practice to change up your store displays every now and then, even if you’re not going to change the theme. For summer window exhibits, there are many different aspects of the season that can be showcased. Mixing it up every now and then is a good way to show shoppers that your store is dynamic and can hold customers’ interest, even during the long stretches without major holidays.

Though there are many summer activities you can focus on, a trip to the beach might be one of the most sought after. As soon as the temperature permits it, people are already scrambling to the coasts. During the prime time of summer you have a good opportunity to present the pieces of your inventory that cater to this endeavor. Set up some beach-themed window displays to let passersby know that your store has the gear they need to hit the beach this season.

Show shopper what they want to see
Mannequins are excellent store fixtures for windows to display your products in a way that customers can relate to and visualize. Play off of the setting they’re most eager to see by recreating scenes from the beach behind the glass at the front of your building. Use mannequins staged in various positions to create a moment of distant familiarity between shoppers’ memories and the future they want to see.

Feel free to bring in appropriate props to the display, such as coolers for the models to sit on, umbrellas elegantly positioned to amplify the light and even some sand if you’re brave and don’t mind a little bit of a mess to clean up when you change your displays again. Lay down plastic sheets or tarps underneath the sand to prevent it from spreading and seeping into the cracks of your window as much as possible.

Don’t forget to dress the figures with the accessories and clothing that’s trending at the moment. If you run out of space, you can even include one of your bags at the base of the mannequins filled with the items they would have actually brought to the beach if they went. That allows you to show as much of your inventory as possible.

To appeal to families, assemble a beach picnic with a child mannequin and burlap baskets. Include some sand toys scattered around and popular snacks in the basket to aid shoppers in imagining the summer fun. A diverse showcase will help put a larger variety of your stock in the customers’ eyes and may even remind them that a current outfit is outgrown for the younger ones.

Spread the message on all fronts
While your mannequins will be catching shoppers’ attention, don’t forget to use whatever other means you have to bring the emphasis on your window displays. Large promotional posters with pictures of summer can help divert some gazes to the exhibits you’re trying to make the focal point.

Your store doesn’t have unlimited chances to captivate a shopper into entering. There could be only a few seconds to impress people and let them know what your shop has to offer. Shifting gears every now and then will keep your displays from going stale and help people notice the diversity of your selection, especially when it applies to the activities they’re planning on engaging in this summer.

You can help steer the direction of your seasonal products by giving them each a turn in your windows when the timing is most appropriate. The heat is rising and soon it will be the prime time for beach excursions. Prepare ahead of time by arranging your windows for expected trends and desires.