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Be creative with your displays

Be creative with your displays

Optimizing the space you have in your store can go a long way in how much merchandise your customers see, and how they perceive it. If your store seems too cluttered or if you're having a tough time finding adequate space to display your goods, a simple solution may be adding in more shelving units and display tables.

A great way to display certain items on your new shelving units is to keep like items together, but in a more creative setup. Rather than just keeping all of your gourmet jams on the shelves, try to store the smallest bottles on the outside with larger jars toward the middle. This style of going up in size and then going back down creates fluidity while catching the consumers' eyes.

You can also sass up your displays by placing your newest items on the end caps of your aisles. When doing this, try to keep the items in sections of the store where they belong. For example, keep any new kitchen products in the area of your store that contains food products and cooking ware. Doing this will create a sense of togetherness, while helping shoppers find what they're looking for faster.