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Bag it and tag it: How the retail gear can set you apart

Bag it and tag it: How the retail gear can set you apart

Proprietors often spend a lot of time organizing store displays that will wow a shopper once he or she sets foot in a store, but they don’t always put that same effort into making sure a customer leaves with a good impression. While much of this impact hinges on elements like the friendliness of your staff and the quality of your products, there are a few things you can do to have a positive effect on a visitor. One relatively easy way is by presenting them with high-end retail shopping bags when they check out.

Here are a few concepts you could use as part of your bagging system:

Go green
One of the most popular trends hitting stores throughout the nation is undertaking eco-friendly endeavors. Reusable bags can easily be used to show customers that you care for the environment while also encouraging them to return to your store. Similarly, natural bags can be utilized in a manner that benefits the environment. Jute bags provide a clever way to package jewelry or other small items, and similar cotton pouches are also great options for organizations that want to adopt Earth-friendly practices.

Go for color
Another way to make an impression with your retail shopping bags is by going with a color that coordinates with your branding. You can pick logos or designs that match the logo of your store or even the displays you have set up in the interior, which will remind customers of your offerings. Having an array of different colors also allows you to personalize gift wrapping or packaging for each shopper. Consumers will undoubtedly appreciate this eye toward detail and the extra attention you give them when they spend time in your store.

Go for style
If you can’t decide on a color to carry through in your bagging and tagging of items, consider gravitating toward a certain style. Animal prints, special fabrics and unique designs can all be used to cultuivate a signature style that will work well with your store. You can also choose to invest in special holiday or seasonal bags that are sure to spread some cheer no matter what the time of year it is.

Those stores that value ease over anything else will want to consider plastic shopping bags. These basic options are a solid standby if you’re still determining how you want to brand a boutique or you simply want to make things as straightforward as possible for your shoppers.