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Back-to-school styles for teens

Back-to-school styles for teens

In an increasingly digital world, you may wonder if online retail will overpower brick-and-mortar stores as time goes on. Though e-shopping seems to be at the center of the industry, a recent survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corp. for the International Council of Shopping Centers found that consumers are still heading to physical stores for their back-to-school shopping.

Results of the poll showed that 90 percent of households plan to shop at brick-and-mortar stores this fall. It was determined that the average household will spend roughly $670 on back-to-school styles. Additionally, there is a predicted increase in shopping at specialty apparel stores.

When it comes to shopping for the impending school year, there are two major reasons that customers ultimately choose a store. Sales prices bring in 61 percent of consumers while the ability to see, touch or try on merchandise is why 52 percent of shoppers head in to stores. Based on this data, it’s important for your back-to-school products to be well-organized on display tables and store racks.

Before you can consider how your merchandise will be arranged, you have to decide what will sell big this fall.

Boyfriend jeans for girls
Teen Vogue senior fashion market editor Mary Kate Steinmiller told the New York Daily News that boyfriend-style pants and shorts are what ladies will be rocking on campus in September. Straying from the summertime short-short look, girls are interested in shorts that have a loose fit and hang further down their thighs. With all of your summery looks moved to the clearance section, you should have plenty of room to showcase your fashionable shorts. A child mannequin can accurately portray how the style fits younger girls.

Kitsch is in
According to Seventeen magazine, kitschy prints are in for 2014. Some examples the teen style authority mentions are heart, stars, unicorns and lip prints. Display tables will work well for patterned leggings or crop tops. Arrange your patterned selection in one area, and punctuate the display with a few statement pieces mixed into outfits on mannequins.

Plaids are rad
Prepare for another season of plaid, from flannels to dresses and skirts to leggings. Because tweens and teens will be drawn to the pattern, don’t worry about dressing up the arrangement. Simply display the various wardrobe pieces on mannequins or clothing racks by general color scheme.

Lighten up with pastels
A fourth trending style is pastels, as outlined by Seventeen. Though this color is often associated with spring, fall 2014 is mixing things up in the fashion world. Consider arranging your pastel offerings in different sections of the store, mixing and matching with other shades. By breaking up the sweetness of the light hues, you can help customers disassociate the merchandise with springtime and reimagine themselves rocking it in the lunchroom.

Fun with footwear
Steinmiller predicted fancy sneakers would rule the hallways this year. Slip-ons and decorative styles are where it’s at, as opposed to a fitness shoe. Seventeen supported this sentiment with its inclusion of metallic kicks on the back-to-school fashion list. The best way to organize shoes in your retail space is with display shelves and cubes. With sneakers laid out at different heights across the store, shoppers may be able to imagine how a certain pair can work with several outfits.

Attention on accessories
Snapback hats are still huge for accessorizing. The trend has really moved away from sports teams to fashionable patterns and designs. It’s also a good season for large necklaces that rest around the collarbone. Select a few styles that complement the apparel you already plan to sell for a cohesive store look. If there are a few options you’re considering, you may want to showcase them on display fixtures such as metal hooks.