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Back-to-School Season is Around the Corner: 4 Retail Display Tips

Back-to-School Season is Around the Corner: 4 Retail Display Tips


Summer is in full swing, which means the countdown to the next school year has begun. Savvy retailers plan their store promotions months in advance, so now is the perfect time to strategize for the back-to-school shopping season.

These four retail display tips will help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Spread the word

The back-to-school season isn’t likely to sneak up on parents, but you’ll still need to advertise your promotions to keep your store’s brand fresh in the mind of shoppers. Use promotional posters, banners and fliers to spread the word – and don’t neglect your social media channels.

Your customers probably have many stores to choose from when it comes to buying school clothing and supplies. By building lasting relationships with your shoppers and providing value-added services, you can make sure your store is the first stop during the back-to-school shopping season.

Marketing consultant John Boitnott suggested that customer engagement via customized discounts and promotional offers can make your brand stand out among the competition.

2. Develop a window scene

Not all kids are excited about returning to school in the early fall, but a fun window display can get them interested in new outfits and school gear. Creating a vibrant window display is a tried-and-true method of enticing passersby into your shop.

To best display your new fall fashion, consider utilizing child mannequins. You can position flexible models to create back-to-school scenes such as walking to the bus stop, taking first day pictures or giving a report in front of a class. Use your merchandise as well as found objects to produce an enticing display.

3. Appeal to your target audience: Parents

If you sell children’s clothing, your store’s visual design should appeal to children. But how do you keep parents engaged as well?

Retailers should consider casting a wider net than they have in previous years. According to Pew Research, dads are much more involved with child care these days and see parenting as central to their identities. So when you design your window displays, be sure to include the whole family. Likewise, try to avoid only appealing to moms, as some parents might feel neglected by hypertargeted messaging.

4. Stay up to date on kid’s clothing trends

Knowing the latest fashion trends for kids can be a difficult task. What appeals to children won’t always please their parents, and what adults find appealing may seem boring to kids. Thankfully, apps such as Instagram and Pinterest can help you stay up to date on the hottest clothing trends.

For example, Harper’s Bazaar reported that street style has finally made its way to the youngest generation. The coolest kids will be wearing jean jackets, printed sweaters and chunky boots as they head back to class this fall. And pop-culture themed accessories are always must-have items.