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Back to school: Displaying jeans on half pant forms

Back to school: Displaying jeans on half pant forms

With summer in full swing, parents all over are soon going to start thinking about the fall and back-to-school shopping for their children. Every year young kids grow and new clothes need to be bought. Some customers start their back-to-school shopping before others, so you need to make sure your store displays are ready to showcase the products parents will be getting their children for when the school bell rings once more.

While you don’t need to make your back-to-school displays the center of attention yet, it’s always good to ease buyers into a new season of shopping. You can start by placing these store fixtures in an isolated area of the shop, and as school draws closer, slowly move them into the front of the building.

Traditional jeans are here to stay
One clothing item that parents are always sure to buy are basic jeans many students wear when the temperature starts to drop. Jeans come in many different styles now, so the need to display all of them has never been greater.

Pant forms are an excellent way to put the focus on the leg​ wear without having to set up full-body mannequins for each different pair. You can use these fixtures solely in your pants section or line them up beside your main displays to present a variety of options.

If you want to mix things up a bit, the C3 Custom Color Collection allows you to choose whatever color you want your forms to be. You can coordinate the colors with the fall leaves to reflect the seasonal changes outside that occur during back to school or even end summer on a loud note with some bright colors before the days grow shorter.

Accessorize your forms no matter what
Just because pant forms are only half a person doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them for the occasion. Place backpacks at the feet of your models or even just stick some pencils in the jeans’ pockets to send a message about what shoppers should be preparing for.

Any little added detail can help bring these partial forms to life. Make sure you showcase all of the choices customers have, but if any products are too similar, make them stand out with accessories or props to help people tell the difference.