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Back-to-school book displays for all ages

Back-to-school book displays for all ages

Everyone will be out browsing the local bookstores during the first weeks of school, but you want them to choose yours for their purchases. To bring the literary consumers in to explore the stacks and shelves, create an interesting window display with your merchandise.

Titles for teens and beyond
If you carry a sufficient amount of books for high school and college students, you can tailor your setup to the demographic. Whether you’re a source for textbooks or pleasure reads, a visually appealing display will catch the eyes of these young adults.

For a creative window arrangement, gather a few stacks of books, including a selection from your relevant inventory. It may be helpful to involve a literature holder in the book setup for the base. With the stocked display fixture in the center, begin stacking books that high school and college students are interested in, bindings facing out. You can arrange the books in a pyramid or keep it simple with a rectangular block of literature. Next, use one or two mannequins – dressed in the  trendiest outfits, of course – as props. Lean the models against the stack of books to look like students hanging out in the library between classes.

Books for elementary and middle school
When you’re setting up a back-to-school book display geared toward younger kids, try something more playful. It should include plenty of colors, enticing cover illustrations and imagination.

One way to show off your selection of books for elementary and middle school students is by highlighting a few titles. You can add a whimsical element by making the books look as though they’re growing like flowers. Create a backdrop of blue skies with green grass using your art supplies of choice. With green construction paper, make enough flower stems for the books you choose to display and affix them to the background. Next, outline the head of a flower on a different color of paper and add it to your stems. These shapes should be large enough for the books to be the centers. Make two-dimensional book covers featuring trending titles to fasten to the center of the flowers to complete the display.

Depending on the type of store fixtures you’re working with, you may need to adjust the methods and materials of this design. Just have fun with it and give it your own spin.