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Avoid summer shopping lulls with these mid-season promotion ideas

Avoid summer shopping lulls with these mid-season promotion ideas

Summer is the time for your store to shine as the weather continues to get better and shoppers go outside to enjoy it. With so much foot traffic, your shop needs to develop promotions and store displays that entice all these potential customers into your building. This could be a bit of a challenge because the outdoor’s own allure is in its prime for most people, but with enough creativity, you can bring them in through your doors.

Your competitors will also be looking for ways to harness these shoppers, so it’s pivotal that you offer customers something they can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a theme, sale or promotion, set your store apart from the rest.

Leave your shoes at the door
For a unique promotional idea, you can have a summer sandal giveaway for everyone who comes into your store. This is the season of no socks and open toes. Embrace it by encouraging shoppers to take off their own shoes right at the door and put on a free pair of sandals to continue browsing in and leave with.

Place a couple of shoe racks right at the entrance and make sure to clear enough space beforehand to account for the people stopping to swap footwear.

Not only will this put customers in an amicable mood right from the start, but it’ll drive more people in once they hear about the event. Shoppers can search your store for outfits and accessories to match their new sandals. Maybe they’ll make some adjustments to what they’re wearing there and now with some of your products.

As an extra bonus, you can give out some wholesale shopping bags for people to keep their old shoes in. These stylish bags can be conversation starters when your customer leave the store. More people will notice bags decorated with flowers and other scenes of nature, potentially leading to the discovery of your promotion.

Try to think of an experience you can give shoppers that they can’t find anywhere else. Make the endeavor more dynamic than simply handing something out. If people get to witness firsthand the quality and style of your inventory by trying a free product on with the first step inside, they’ll likely pay more attention to the other items you have.

A ready-to-go beach package
One of the most popular summer activities is packing up and going to the beach. Usually are a lot of provisions people need to thoroughly enjoy the trip, such as towels, bathing suits, sunglasses and more. Give your shoppers a boost by providing them with everything they need, packaged and ready to go for their next adventure to the beach.

Gather a small selection of some of the products people might need at the beach and wrap them up into a travel basket, ready to hit the sands. You can even offer a small discount on the combination to tempt shopper even more. For all you know, a customer was in your store looking for a particular item just before heading to the beach and once they see your basket, they might bring the entire collection with them.

You can keep your beach packages in burlap baskets to add to the grab-and-go nature of the collection of items. Keep the baskets isolated on elevated display cubes to make them the sole focus of the display.

No matter what kind of promotion you run this summer, try to make sure it doubles as a marketing maneuver to bring more passersby in. You’ll be impressing new and old customers alike while also making it easy for them to talk about your brand. Shoppers will be more willing to explore stores while they’re out enjoying the weather. All you have to do is give them the opportunity.