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Avoid cliches to make your fall display stand out

Avoid cliches to make your fall display stand out

After months of bright, colorful summer store displays, it's time to turn to the more muted displays of fall. But just because you're not using colors like magenta and lime green in your window it doesn't mean the display shouldn't be eye-popping.

No matter the season, your window displays and store fixtures should be engaging to passersby and shoppers. Fall is a season when many retailers fall into a bit of a rut, with displays that revolve around pumpkins, apples and leaves. While these hallmarks of autumn are festive, you should mix them up in order to draw the most attention.

No matter the merchandise your store sells, you might be tempted to incorporate classically "fall" items like pumpkins, apples and leaves into your store displays. The fact is, this has all been done before. To stand out from others, try to create themes around a less cliched aspect of the season. For instance, incorporate tea and soup into a clothing display – reminding shoppers of the chilly weather without being too "in your face."

Another way to stand out from the sea of pumpkin and apple displays is to incorporate unexpected items. What about including a bicycle in a clothing display, to evoke memories of bike rides through the crisp fall weather? Line your windows with vintage books to create a unique back-to-school theme with special charm.