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Attracting the prom crowd through Pinterest

Attracting the prom crowd through Pinterest

Prom season is coming up soon, and kids across the nation are on the hunt for the perfect ensembles. In an effort to draw in some younger generations to your store, you need to go beyond creative window decorations. As teenagers are increasing their social media presence, it’s a good idea to advertise your promwear on the World Wide Web.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through Pinterest, as it’s a visual social media site. First, buy some mannequins for sale, dress them in your finest prom attire, and snap a lot of photos. Be sure to get pictures of all different angles of the dresses, so girls can really get an idea of what the frock looks like in real life. Or, if you want to show what these dresses and suits look like on the body, hire some models and have them show off your wares in the photos.

It’s not just about taking pictures of your inventory, as you also want to attract people through different photos on Pinterest. Be sure to repin a lot of pretty images that are related to prom – think bright vibrant flowers, makeup tips and hairstyle ideas. Your information will be provided to anyone who likes your pin, which is how these pictures can spread quickly, generating a larger audience.

Girls especially may not be searching for dresses, but they might come across some of your makeup pictures and suddenly begin browsing all of your boards. Advertising through Pinterest is all about making things visually appealing, which is why you’ll want to combine some of your inventory with eye-catching images to bring in a bigger audience.