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Attract shoppers with fun festival fashion trends

Attract shoppers with fun festival fashion trends

For many people around the country, winter is the waiting period between each warm and beautiful summer. The sunny months not only bring more favorable weather, but an endless list of exciting events for all ages and interests.

Towns and cities are brimming with opportunities, from art fairs to block parties, for people meet and mingle with others who enjoy similar activities. Summer is the perfect time of year for music festivals. A few of the biggest summertime festivals have already passed, but there are plenty on the agenda for the next several months. These outdoor gatherings throw dozens of musical artists together for weekend-long events that often boast multiple stages for simultaneous acts. Even if your customers missed Governor’s Ball and Mysteryland in New York, Coachella in California or Bonnaroo in Tennessee, the fashion trends that festival-goers rock are relevant.

To mix up store displays this month, dedicate a few store fixtures to festival fashion. From crop tops and kimonos to fringe and neon shirts, there’s plenty of trendy attire for you to show off for summer 2015.

Coordinate display fixtures with your brand image.

Overall themes
Maybe it’s a nod to one of the most famous music festivals – Woodstock – or perhaps simply a sign of revolving clothing trends, but festival fashion often channels 1960s and 1970s style. Many of the outfits you see at modern day festivals are reminiscent of hippie culture – feathers, fringe and tie-dye prints. Tribal prints, sheer fabrics and lace are also go-to options for festival fashion. Plan the store display with this fact in mind, as it can guide you through the visual merchandising process.

Specific apparel
There’s one essential outfit that every festival fashion store display should include – crop tops paired with high-waisted shorts. These separate clothing trends are a dynamic duo for music-fans who want to look great bopping around to live tunes. Custom color mannequins can don all types of crop tops, whether your store carries cotton, knit, lace or denim styles. Many people opt for basic high-waisted jean shorts, but patterned cloth shorts, as well as lace bottoms, are just as trendy.

When the temperature dips in the evening and people want to cover up a bit, kimonos are a popular choice. These Asian-inspired garments are often made from silk-like materials that are lightweight, soft and comfortable. If you sell sheer and flowy long-sleeved shirts, consider arranging them on C3 apparel racks nearby.

When it comes to festival footwear, people go several different directions. Some attendees opt for stylish sneakers, which are a comfortable and practical choice since ticket-holders spend most of the day standing outside. Other festival-goers wear weather-appropriate gladiator sandals to the outdoor shows. Certain people even wear short boots, if that’s their particular style. With this in mind, select your most festival-worthy footwear and display shoe options for shoppers.

“Styles including snapbacks combine form and function.”

The best word to describe the accessories that go along with festival fashion is funky. Anything that’s bright, bold or unique can be paired with the above attire to complete the look. Earrings that are oversized, have dangling feathers or create an asymmetrical look are especially appropriate for this style. Bracelets in every material, size and color are popular at music festivals. You can often find people enjoying live bands with several bracelets on each arm. An eclectic variety of bangles fits the theme for this section of your store. Finally, showcase necklaces that are long or flashy. Eye-catching jewelry is the ideal addition to a festival outfit. Stock nearby displays tables with earrings, bracelets and necklaces that shoppers interested in festival fashion will be searching for. Jewelry trays are perfect for organizing your glimmering merchandise by price, design or brand.

Highlight trendy hats with your festival-fabulous custom color mannequins for even more accessorizing fun. Styles including wide-brimmed hats and snapbacks combine form and function, as they protect revelers from the hot summer sun while adding pizzazz to their looks. Although they don’t provide as much coverage from ultraviolet rays, black bowler hats look great paired with festival outfits as well. All of these hats are popular for summer 2015 fashion in general, so it should be easy to add a finishing touch to your music festival store displays.