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Attract customers with Father’s Day posters

Attract customers with Father’s Day posters

You’re undoubtedly putting a lot of effort into your store displays to attract customers, but you can achieve a lot simply by having a promotional sign. With so many options, you’ll have to carefully consider which works best for your product line and offerings. Luckily, there are a variety of signs and posters available to store owners that further promotions.

Store located in a place with a lot of foot traffic with want to have pricing and promotional signs showing off their latest sales. This is especially important around Father’s Day, as there will likely be a lot of last-minute shoppers on the hunt for the perfect gift for dad. You can capitalize on these customers with the help of a few selectively placed posters and signs.

Promotional posters are a great way to advertise a sale, especially if you’re seeking ways to attract holiday shoppers. Father’s Day sales and similar summer savings can be promoted with large sale posters in and around your storefront.

Smaller sale cards can be placed on individual display tables or racks to identify special products you’re trying to move – including items that may make ideal Father’s Day gifts. Window clings also highlight sales while promoting your store to potential customers who are passing by.

Message Boards
Maybe you have a witty slogan you want to share with your customers. Or perhaps there’s a special item you want to highlight that may change by the day. If that’s the case, store message boards could be a wise investment. These signs can be changed frequently depending on your needs, which certainly may come in handy as you switch up sales throughout the summer. Even something as simple as “Have you purchased a Father’s Day gift yet?” could potentially remind some shoppers of their to-do list and draw them into your store.

Purchasing a message board also means you’ll have to buy a few accessories to go along with it. Fluorescent markers can help create a bright note to passersby, and stocking up on extra letters for a bulletin sign will ensure you always have the tools you need to say what you want to say.

Finally, think about grabbing policy cards to convey your store’s policy to customers. Notes about refunds or returns are essential to creating a smooth day-to-day operation.