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Are you ready for prom season?

Are you ready for prom season?

It may still be snowy outside, but spring isn’t far away, and for many retailers that means one thing – prom season. Young men and women will be ready to spend money to look their best on prom night, so being prepared for this shopping period is essential. Here are a few ideas on how you can get ready to welcome in high school students gearing up to celebrate a night to remember.

Think of your window display now
It’s never a bad idea to design your window displays in advance – otherwise, you may end up rushing, which can lead to a less-than-appealing display. There are many options when it comes to prom, but there’s no doubt you’ll need to get a few mannequins to showcase the outfits you have in stock. If you sell formal wear for both sexes, then consider using both male and female mannequins in your window – it will remind shoppers that prom night is all about having a good time with your date. You can decorate the rest of the window with lights, wholesale ribbon and other sparkly goods. Do you have only one or two high schools in your town? Then you may want to pay them a visit and ask administrators if there is a theme for this year’s dance. If so, you can emulate the themes in your window display, which will certainly catch the attention of local high school students and their parents.

Displays in your store
It’s not enough to simply have a great window display – you’ll also need to make sure the interior of your store is a welcoming and fun space for younger shoppers. Remember that young ladies will be purchasing lots of rings, diamonds and other adornments, so pick up some new jewelry displays to show off what you’ve got. Boys will likely need boutonnieres, and if you sell these, then you can showcase them in your display cases.

Put your most dazzling dresses in the front window, but make sure you have more space to display other gowns in-store. Wall racks are an excellent way to show off a few of your higher-end frocks, while discount gowns can be displayed on elegant wooden hangers.

The extra touch
Offering a little something extra to the youngsters preparing for prom will help separate you from similar retailers in your area. For example, you can stock a few wholesale shopping bags with prom goodies like hair product or cologne samples, or consider giving discounts to couples that do their shopping together.