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Are you ready for Labor Day weekend?

Are you ready for Labor Day weekend?

For many, Labor Day weekend means having one last hurrah before summer ends. In the coming weeks, shoppers will likely be looking for a variety of products they need to get fall started off on the right foot, and by incorporating some of these objects into store displays, you can make sure your retail spaces are catering to these customers.

Cookout tools
With only a few weeks of warm weather left in much of the country, people across the nation are organizing cookouts. To capitalize on this, consider stocking display tables with all of the gear people need for these outdoor parties. Cookbooks, grilling utensils, serving platters and more will all be in demand, and placing these products in an area where shoppers will see them can help you move merchandise before autumn begins. Promotional posters advertising clearance sales are also a good way to attract customers and sell products before you have to stock up on fall necessities.

Fall outfits
Labor Day may technically be part of the summer, but that doesn’t mean its fashion isn’t associated with fall. Say goodbye to white shoes and pants and say hello to cozy sweaters and boots. While the weather will still be comfortable for quite some time, it’s never too early to start stocking up on light jackets or sweaters – many of which could come in handy once the sun sets on a gathering.

Many store owners will purchase mannequins for sale and outfit them with some of the hottest fall looks. While some of the more popular trends have yet to be decided, including classics, such as cashmere sweaters or leather jackets, is a foolproof way to attract savvy fall shoppers.