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Are you ready for labor day travelers?

Are you ready for labor day travelers?

AAA recently released statistics making predictions about Labor Day weekend travel. The organization forecasts that around 34.1 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more from home between Aug. 29 and Sept. 2. While many people are expecting to dine out at restaurants or visit friends and family, 43 percent of respondents to the AAA poll said they will partake in a bit of shopping while away from home. This means that retailers stand to make big sales, provided they plan ahead.

What are shoppers looking for?
When designing your wall displays and clothing racks to attract Labor Day shoppers, it's important to remember what people will be looking for when they visit your store. First and foremost, shoppers will be on the hunt for unique souvenirs. Now is the time to line your display cases with items that have the name of your town or city on them or other products that are specific to your region.

Some people see shopping as a recreational activity, so they may be looking for more traditional items as well. Clothing retailers should do their best to make sure their products look fresh and enticing by dressing their adult and child mannequins in bright, colorful outfits and ordering new hangers for their clothing racks.

Shoppers will not only be looking for leisure items, but also necessities. It's almost impossible to take a road trip without leaving something behind, so you can bet that customers will be prowling your items looking for coolers, sun tan lotion, sunglasses and other vacation needs they may have forgotten. Literature racks stocked with summer reading will definitely go a long way!

Marketing for tourists
While you may spend the majority of your year coming up with campaigns to attract locals' attention, now is the time to market your store toward visitors. Create a backdrop that is centered around what people expect to see and do while vacationing in your town. For example, if you're on the coast, make a beach scene complete with fake sand, bright towels and mannequins wearing the trendiest bathing suits.

You can think up some fun sales that are specifically for tourists. For example, consider offering discounts on certain items if customers are able to present an out-of-state ID at the time of purchase. You can also use sinamay bags to make little gift pouches containing suntan lotion, moisturizer or other items vacationers might want and offer it as a free gift with purchases over a certain amount.