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Are you making a good first impression?

Are you making a good first impression?

Your store's signage and window displays are crucial components in relaying what you are all about to your shoppers. However, what they see when they first walk in the store may make an even greater first impression.

Many stores focus so much on the window displays or immediately-seen areas, they forget to make a strong statement right in the entryway. The space in the front of the store where your customer enters should look inviting and set the tone for the rest of the store.

A good entryway display will have items the customer expects to see when they walk into the store. If your shop is known for its jeans, this would make a good entryway item, as could boots or necklaces.

Price is another aspect to consider when choosing items for the front display. It may be tempting to place deeply discounted items here to excite shoppers, but the idea behind the frontmost display is to invite customers to explore further. If you offer the best prices in the front of the store, the customer will be less likely to examine the rest of your merchandise. Instead, the items on the front table should be at expected price points.

It is also important to consider what might be a turnoff for customers entering the store. One example would be merchandise that is simply not accessible to customers. This could mean a display that is simply too intricate, has too many items displayed or is unorganized. You don't want your shoppers to feel overwhelmed the minute they walk in!

At the same time, always make sure your display does not underwhelm shoppers. If a display is sparse, customers might be confused and assume the rest of your shop is just as empty, or think you are closed or undergoing renovations if there is too much empty space.