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Are you back-to-school friendly?

Are you back-to-school friendly?

As summer comes to a close and families start thinking about sending the kids back to school, many shoppers will have an eye out for stores that have the goods they need for back-to-school shopping. Families with kids will be tuned in to which stores will best fit their shopping needs for clothes, school supplies and books. Will your store stand out?

If you sell clothing, this is a good time to market your children's merchandise. You should have a window display with child mannequins dressed in the best of your back-to-school line. Now is also the time to make sure your display fixtures and store racks for sneakers and other shoes are the best they can be to sell playground classics. Fall is the time many parents invest in a new pair of shoes for the kids. 

If you don't sell clothing, there are still ways to market your store for back-to-school shoppers. Hardware stores and home good stores may not seem back-to-school friendly, but you can target these shoppers, too. Showcase your hampers, poster frames, towels and other dorm necessities to draw in customers who are sending a loved one off to university.