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April showers display ideas

April showers display ideas

April is an exciting month. It often heralds the true start of spring, with warmer temperatures, longer days and beautiful flowers. But those blossoms wouldn’t show up without the rainy days that are commonplace this month. You can capitalize on that old adage, “April shower bring May flowers,” by using it as a springboard for a fun and fresh April window display. Here are a few ideas:

Start with showers
How can rain become a motif for your store? Firstly, apparel sellers can use this concept to push their stormy weather gear. Place a set of gondola shelves stocked with brightly colored galoshes in your store window. Add a few adult and child mannequins wearing rain jackets and hats to the mix, and then finish it off with some wholesale ribbon and tissue paper to create the rain clouds on your backdrop. For a more abstract theme, you can use umbrellas to your advantage. Hang both open and closed umbrellas in your store window. Bright colors can create the appearance of sunny days ahead, even if it may be rainy at the moment.

Beauty supply vendors can also use this theme. After all, the word “showers” doesn’t just refer to weather. If you sell shampoos, conditioners, body washes, loofahs or bath bombs, place them on display tables in your front window under a big banner that simply reads, “April Showers!”

Skip to flowers
If wet, dreary weather doesn’t get you excited, skip ahead to the “flowers” concept. You can go super simple with this idea by placing your brightly colored items on display cases and tables in your store window. Wrapping a few vines (which you can make out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners) around your displays will make it look as though your products are sprouting up for spring. Alternatively, you can purchase actual flowers (or plastic ones for a better investment) and pepper them around your front window to remind shoppers that plants will be blossoming soon. Carry this motif into your store by weaving fresh or fake flowers in amongst your wall displays and jewelry displays.

You can use flowers to promote sales at your store. Send out a Tweet or Facebook posting letting shoppers know that anyone who shows up with a spring flower taped to their lapel will get a special discount, or offer a free rose or carnation to anyone who comes in during the month of April.