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Appealing to the Christmas-loving couple

Appealing to the Christmas-loving couple

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," as the classic Christmas song goes, but for some young women, the holiday season is even more exciting, because they are going to receive an extra special gift under the tree – an engagement ring.

Holiday shopping can be stressful enough for male consumers, so the added stress of finding the perfect ring for their special lady might make it even more difficult. Fortunately, there are steps jewelers can take to help out these grooms-to-be.

Show them what you've got
Engagements over the holiday season are incredibly common, which means creating a window display with an engagement theme is a perfect idea that can also help male shoppers choose where they will buy their loved one her ring. Create some aspect of romance in the display, whether with photographs, signage or lighting. Make sure the display shows off at least one of your store's most popular engagement ring styles to show passersby the type of rings they might be able to find inside.

Play it up
If your shop is well-known for its engagement rings, or this is a consumer you commonly cater to, make sure you really play up this aspect of your store during the holiday season with signage, displays and personnel. You might consider adding extra sparkly holiday decorations to your engagement ring counter, and adding additional holiday signage so shoppers can see where the rings are right when they walk in. Because shopping for an engagement ring can bring out the indecisiveness in many people, make sure you always have personnel on hand to help shoppers understand what options are available and offer tips and expertise.

Make it easy
If you don't already, consider offering complimentary gift wrapping for purchases of engagement rings. A tradition for holiday engagements is for the man to leave a wrapped ring under the tree along with the rest of the gifts, but such a special gift should have the wrapping to match.

Jewelry shop employees can lessen the anxiety of planning this Christmas surprise by helping customers with the wrapping aspect. Make sure you order plenty of holiday paper, tissue and wholesale ribbon to wrap the ring perfectly. Your shoppers will remember the care and attention you gave to this purchase, and maybe they will even come back for their anniversary gift next year!