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Animal prints help stores leave an impression

Animal prints help stores leave an impression

Want to take a walk on the wild side? You wouldn’t be the only one – animal prints are all the rage these days, and they are flying off the shelves as customers gobble them up. One of the best things about these patterns is that is that they allow you to have some freedom as you go about creating store displays and decorating store fixtures.

Pair it with colors
By including animal print decor, such as zebra bags, into a display or store floor, you can add a pop of color with ease. For example, these clear shopping bags may have plain black print on the outside, but you can pair them with bulk retail supplies like wholesale tissue paper for splashes of color. Additionally, it’s simple to choose complementing colors that match the branding of a store or a specific theme that is going on.

“A good leopard-print accessory – a bag or a shoe, for example – never goes out of fashion,” fashion writer Rhiannon Harries wrote in The Independent. “… That’s the beauty of an animal print – it doesn’t really ‘go’ with anything, which means it also kinda goes with everything.”

Think from the head to toe
It may be tempting to purchase some mannequins for sale, throw on some animal print leggings or blouses and call it a day. However, not only would this be doing a disservice to your store, it probably wouldn’t draw in too many customers. Because animal prints are fashionable right now, many locations will be showing off their wild patterns, so you are going to have to showcase unique pieces. Animal-print bags are the perfect accessory to pair with any existing display or new fall showcase to highlight your store’s special offerings without being like every other boutique.

Leave a lasting impression
Outfitting mannequins and table displays with animal print is the first step toward highlighting your collections. There are a few other ways you can convey to customers that your store has animal prints, and one of the most effective is by handing shoppers an animal-print bag as they leave the register. Zebra bags are a great alternative to boring paper or plastic bags. Not only will they leave an impression on customers who have already visited your store, but it may convince new shoppers to stop in and take a look at your selections.