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All about the details: going the extra mile in store displays

All about the details: going the extra mile in store displays

You may think that customers won’t notice if you cut corners in crafting your store’s interior when, in fact, sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference. When setting up shop, don’t neglect some of the details that make your space and your clients’ experience unique and appealing. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Search for quality retail supplies
Increase customer loyalty by going above and beyond shoppers’ expectations. Look for high-quality store fixtures that will give your space that extra polish. For example, when selecting items like hangers, it’s worth investing in pieces that will last longer and look more professional. Choose sturdy wood hangers for an elegant feel and don’t forget to customize your approach by picking item-specific accessories, such as hangers optimized for suits, sweaters or skirts.

The same method holds true for shopping supplements like pricing tags and retail packaging. Skimping on spending can actually cost you more in the long run if customers can’t grasp your store’s brand and appeal. Offer a variety of packaging that’s appropriate for different items and occasions or invest in pieces that are flexible for any season, such as unadorned shopping bags and tissue paper, as well as wholesale ribbon. Retailers of fine jewelry may especially want to pay attention to packaging so that customers aren’t walking away with precious gems in less-than-appealing packaging. Purchase small pouches and boxes that are suited to transporting and showcasing even the most delicate items.

Follow your theme
Creating a theme for your store is a great idea, as long as you keep it cohesive. Although larger items should obviously correspond, it’s easy to overlook the importance of smaller details. For example, a boutique-style interior with ornate fixtures and similar countertops could be marred by plain plastic hooks. Look for items that match, such as antique-inspired wall mounts and mirrored trays for a decorative touch. The same is true of lighting. Overhead bulbs may create a stark, white illumination, so instead opt for natural choices with warmer lighting. Be sure to incorporate your theme on every plane – from standing room to wall space.

Keep it clean
No matter how unique and eye-catching your design, customers will notice if there’s dust and dirt flying around as well. Stock up on standard store supplies such as steam cleaners and give the walls a fresh coat of paint to brighten their look. Areas like changing rooms should be outfitted as well with necessities like lint rollers, clothing liners or protective sheeting that prevents makeup from wiping off while trying on clothes.