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All about Sweetest Day, Oct. 19

All about Sweetest Day, Oct. 19

On Oct. 19, millions of Americans will celebrate Sweetest Day, taking the opportunity to share a kind moment or little gift with those around them. Hallmark shared the legend of Sweetest Day, which was begun in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1920s by a candy company worker who wanted to brighten people’s day. According to legend, Herbert Birch Kingston organized a group of people to share small treats with orphans and others he felt were often forgotten. Hallmark also noted that Sweetest Day is now observed across the U.S., but has remained most popular in Midwestern states like Michigan, Wisconsin and – of course – Ohio. Celebrations are similar to those of Valentine’s Day, with a broader emphasis on celebrating friendship and simple, kind deeds.

Want to celebrate Sweetest Day too? Many people take Sweetest Day as an opportunity to reach out to an old friend or relative, or someone with whom they forgot to stay in touch. Write a letter or card, or get in touch via telephone. Tech-savvy individuals may prefer a more modern communication option, like video chatting on their computer or smartphone. Sweetest Day is also a great opportunity to acknowledge the people you appreciate but may not often get a chance to thank. Look for small gifts, like candy, chocolate or flowers, or simply share a few words of gratitude to let them know they matter to you.

Observing Sweetest Day can also mean taking time to think about the people and things that add meaning to your life. Spend a few moments looking at pictures of fond memories or people you love, take a walk and enjoy some quiet time in nature, or participate in one of your favorite hobbies. Sitting down to write a few reflections about what makes you happy and sharing it with others can help you recognize the many gifts in your life. For holiday-themed activities, pick up a book of poetry or watch your favorite romantic movie.

Shop owners can partake in Sweetest Day by showing patrons that you appreciate them. Try adding whimsical details to the store displays like decals or or offering little treats at the register for customers. Look for traditional items, like candy and trinkets, or personalize your offering with sample-sized items that highlight your product or service. You might also consider sweetening the deal with a Sweetest Day discount, to say thank you to your customers for their loyalty and patronage.